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Our Mission

To develop, receive, administer and manage, under community control, funds received from public and private sources and distribute them for charitable purposes, primarily to meet local needs.

What Is A Community Foundation?

The Community Foundation is a unique product of a democratic society built on private enterprise. Though institutions similar to ours also provide services to those in need, the community foundation's special impact derives from the reality of its permanence on one hand and its flexibility on the other - both designed to address the changing and diverse needs of the community.

What is the History of the Montgomery County Foundation?

The Montgomery County Foundation was originally created in 1960 as the Central Montgomery County Foundation. A group of forward thinking civic leaders, led by Judge Alfred L. Taxis, Jr. of Norristown, who at the time was President Judge of the Orphans' Court of Montgomery County, M. Paul Smith of the law firm of Smith, Aker, Grossman & Hollinger, LLP, Eric Sander of the Central Montgomery County Chamber of Commerce, Robert McCracken, Publisher of the Times Herald along with representatives from numerous community organizations, created the original foundation to provide additional income to the non-profit sector. The Foundation was originally structured as a Community Trust and for the first twenty-five years, volunteers provided oversight and management. In 1985, following the receipt of a major bequest, the Foundation's first paid Administrator, John C. Webber, was hired and the name of the Foundation was changed to the Montgomery County Foundation. In 1999, during a strategic planning process, a fund development vision was formed for the Foundation and one of the first steps in response to this was the incorporation of the Foundation. As a result, the Montgomery County Foundation is structured both as a Community Trust and a Corporation. This gives greater flexibility to our work with donors in pursuit of their philanthropic vision.

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