The Montgomery County Foundation

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Montgomery County Foundation, Inc. includes a group of dedicated people whose diverse backgrounds and geographical identities and skills represent diversity at its highest level. They include:

  • Cindy Diccianni RN, ChFC, CLTC, AEP®, Chairperson
  • Gerald E. Gorski, Vice Chairperson
  • Dr. A. Kirk Field, Treasurer
  • Thurman D. Booker, D.O., Secretary
  • Virginia Frantz, President & CEO
  • Marsha B. Bolden, Esq.
  • Catherine M. "Kate" Harper, Esq.
  • William L. Landsburg, Esq.
  • John (Jack) Rule, Esq.
  • Sheila D. Stith, CSA
  • Harvey Strauss, Esq.

Board Members Emeritus

  • Clark E. Bromberg, Ph.D, Director Emeritus
  • Muriel H. Anderson, Director Emeritus
  • Payson W. Burt, Chairman Emeritus (Deceased)
  • John C. Webber, President Emeritus/Director Emeritus (Deceased)
  • Caesar J. Gorski, Director Emeritus

Legal Counsel

  • James L. Hollinger, Esquire

The Staff of the Montgomery County Foundation, Inc.

Virginia Frantz, President & Chief Executive Officer
Yani Ortiz Suarez, Manager of Grants, Scholarship & Technology
Ellie DeFrangesco, Executive Assistant

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